Pastoral Support Ministry

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The health of a local church is often related to the health of a local pastor. Healthy pastors are in a better position to help shepherd healthy churches. Yet, all pastors, at one time or another, have encountered issues, circumstances, and people who are outside of their experience. To make matters worse, there is often no one to call on to consult or brainstorm solutions.

The Pastoral Support Ministry (PSM) serves the Western District by encouraging, supporting, and equipping our pastors. The PSM provides experienced pastors who are available for consultation for pastors and church staff. Our goal is to strengthen pastors and the relationships between pastors in the District to more effectively strengthen and multiply transformational congregations among all peoples. 

The Pastoral Support Ministry is composed of three teams. Each team has several consultants (pastors within our district who have unique gifting and experience in these areas). They are available to converse with a pastor as many times as necessary to help and encourage. It may be a one-time phone consultation or regular face-to-face meetings. 

Care Team

The Care Team works primarily through regional pastor cohorts. There is also available one-on-one consultation. We want to provide a safe place for pastors to share about the day-to-day issues of ministry, personal, and family challenges. 

Crisis Team

The Crisis Team comes alongside pastors to encourage and help during times such as staff changes, re-visioning processes, divisions, and difficulties. Our focus is on the individual pastor rather than a strategy for the church.

Credentialing Team

The Credentialing Team assists pastors who are seeking credentialing (Ordination, Licensing, or a Certificate of Ministry) within the EFCA. The Credentialing team will walk with you through the credentialing process. 
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Patrick Allen

Pastoral Support Director