Financial partnership to further the Kingdom.

Pulpit Supply

It is an incredible privilege to preach God’s Word, yet the weekly demand can leave little room for personal margin. The district offers a grant for pastors to provide an honorarium and traveling expenses to invite a guest preacher for a weekend.


EFCA Prepared develops the gifts of female leaders and provides an opportunity to earn an EFCA ministerial certificate or license. We honor our women and will cover 90% of the tuition to strengthen women leaders within our district.


We want our district leaders to have every opportunity to be trained for pastoral ministry. The district offers a church matching grant for leaders to pursue further education to grow in Biblical knowledge, understanding, and leadership. 

EFCA Conferences

Conferences can be a time for pastors to be encouraged and equipped. The district offers funds to offset the cost of attending EFCA conferences. 

Professional Counseling

We understand the loneliness of traversing a dark season as a shepherd.  Your health and healing are just as important as the health and healing you bring through Jesus to others. In your time of need, we have set aside funds to cover 4 sessions of counseling for district leaders.

Pastoral Getaway

While it is a joy and honor to partner with the Lord in ministry, the needs of others may overshadow the needs of a healthy marriage from time to time. The district is happy to provide a gift certificate for ministry couples to get away and be restored together.